Sports facilities refurbishment and sponsorship

R0 of R110 000 raised

There are a number of opportunities for funding 

    • Mobile cricket practice nets at HA Jack:  R50 000
    • Basketball courts:  R60 000 (HNBHS):
      Please note: the tennis courts will be used to for basketball at HNBHS as basketball is becoming a popular sport amongst boys and requires very little expense in the way of equipment.
    • Sports kits sponsorships for HAJare available and can be discussed in detail.
    • Focused support such as coaching, etc. is also required and can be discussed in lieu of funding, etc.

Physical education is an important part of a learner’s education.  Facilities have deteriorated significantly and, as a result, sport is increasingly being neglected within schools.  Decent, functioning cricket practice nets and basketball courts are sports that facilitate learners being able to play socially (during breaks, etc.) and encourage the physical activity which promotes improved physical, mental and social skills.  


A note to corporate donors:

We would be most grateful to corporations that might donate products and services in kind.  For example, a recruitment and training provider might offer to include a school’s administrative staff in ongoing workshops or a catering company might assist in the procurement and delivery of feeding schemes.  In this way, we could leverage corporate expertise and intelligence for the benefit of participating schools.

For further information, please contact Nicky Franklin at

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In order to make an offline donation we ask that you please follow these instructions:

  1. Make your payment reference as CAS & "your name"
  2. Banking details are:
    Community Assisting Schools
    Bank:  First National Bank
    Account No.:  62259897935
    Branch Code:  253305
  3. Please mail your Proof of Payment to:

Nicky Franklin at

All contributions will be gratefully acknowledged and donations up to 10% of income are tax deductible, after your donation is made we will send you our tax deduction certificate.

Donation Total: R50.00