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Our Mission & Vision

The mission of CAS is to create a support structure within the community for government funded schools. We will do this by sharing our talent and experience, assisting in raising much needed funding and giving our time when required.

Our vision is to assist in providing the children within our community a positive educational foundation that will ultimately build a strong, educated and inclusive society for South Africa.

What is Community Assisting Schools?

The CAS approach is a pragmatic and inclusive model – a model which provides much needed support to the school’s head and senior staff members and works directly with members of the community in which the school is located.  The importance of ‘community’ is a critical aspect in the vision of CAS and fundamental to its ability to deliver sustainable solutions to the schools that it seeks to assist.  Overall, the long term objective of CAS is to provide sustainable systems to our community schools that can be independently maintained as the parent body becomes more financially secure and more involved. 

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Why support CAS?

Unfortunately, the Government has failed to recognize this deficit and provides Category 4 and 5 schools with 50% of the allocation that is given to Category 1, 2 and 3 schools. 

Category 1, 2, 3 schools = R956 per child per month

Category 4, 5 schools = R456 per child per month

This leaves schools with a constant shortfall in funding that manifests itself in ever weakening academics, pastoral care, and facilities.  It is also unfortunate that there is a perspective that schools in so-called ‘leafy suburbs’ are better off than schools in rural areas of South Africa.  Increasingly, ex Model C schools in the urban environments carry with them a host of increased social pressures and disintegration leaving children ‘forgotten’ and with little opportunity to leverage their ‘so-called’ advantageous locations. 

It is also important to note that investment in schools that have some hope of success should be supported. In the words of Professor Jonathan Jansen, Vice-Chancellor and Rector, University of the Free State he commences his list of ‘Seven Bases for Principled Action’ in relation to education with:

“1. Invest in schools that work and that show the promise to rise above the conditions in which many of these institutions remain stuck.”

At CAS, we believe we are helping the schools that have the possibility to achieve, to do just that and in so doing, make a positive contribution to building a base of learners that can make a difference to their futures and the future of the societies that they live and work within.

Our track record

  • We have supplied all the feeding scheme children with blankets donated by Warm the World.
  • We run THE LINK at HA Jack with over 80 volunteers who read to the Grade 2 children weekly .We also run a very successful Maths program . Both these programs have improved the Grade 2 ANA tests enormously.
  • We have facilitated motivational talks to the staff by a most inspirational man Kalil Osiris.
  • The Grade 6 and 7 girls have been addressed by Famsa.There are toiletry supplies in reception for the girls.
  • We have installed a wonderful exercise program called MOVE IT in the school. The children have benefitted hugely from this program. They now have all the equipment at their disposal.
  • We completely revamped the netball courts at the cost of R110 000. We are now on a takkie and soccer boot drive. We also facilitate netball coaching at the school.
  • We were instrumental in asking Reading Eggs to operate at HAJ.
  • We provided a brand new portable classroom with plumbing and electricity at the cost of R400 000.
  • We have put in 8 industrial dustbins to help with the litter problem.
  • We totally re decorated and provided furniture for the headmasters office and also help improve the school gardens.
  • We meet with the headmaster regularly to ask him what his needs are.
  • We pay for two remedial teachers to assist us with struggling children.

Additionally, CAS has facilitated contributions towards the following:

  • Feeding schemes
  • Holiday activity programs
  • Plant, facility and interior refurbishments

Social Responsibility Programmes

CAS has also actively worked towards integrating social responsibility programmes such as the President and Golden Eagle Awards into these schools.  This has provided much needed manpower and support across a range of projects whilst providing a real and valuable experience for the individuals from private schools in the area.

We believe that the model and approach we apply can be replicated in many communities throughout South Africa.  To reiterate, we believe that organizations like CAS that operate from within a community led by individuals that live and work in those communities will have greater ongoing commitment and success at achieving sustainable deliverables for the overall benefit of South Africa and South Africans. 

Charities we are Associated with

We collaborate with a wide variety of charities that help us in all we do:

– Charity Fusion
– The Lunchbox Fund
– Charities Unlimited
– Vintage With Love
– Classrooms With Love
– The Baby Box Project
– Move-It