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community assisting schools

Who we Are.

We all understand the critical role that education plays in developing the economic and emotional future of South Africa. 

Despite the Government’s intent to build new schools, improve the pass rates and encourage teaching as a profession, the current status of many schools is concerning.  The problems that are facing schools, teachers and learners are enormous and solutions complicated and time consuming.

It is within this context that Community Assisting Schools (CAS) was born.  In October 2009, a group of concerned and diverse people identified the need to support schools within their community, that previously had positive track records: good administration, decent facilities, engaged parent bodies and good pass rates.  Since 1994, however, many of these schools – previously known as Model C schools – are struggling as a result of:

  • minimal financial government assistance
  • a lack of funding
  • declining fee paying student body 
  • uninvolved parent bodies  

In addition, the social issues that plague society are evident in the student body of CAS supported schools including:

  • child led households
  • malnourishment
  • poverty
  • personal experience with HIV/Aids
  • domestic abuse

More About us

Our Objectives.

To Support

The leadership, the teachers and the pupils within the schools.Read More

To Assist

in building an educational foundation that will deliver the appropriate levels of learning amongst pupils.Read More

To Help

facilitate the restoration, maintenance and upgrading of a school’s facilities to allow for an environment that is conducive to learning.Read More

To Involve

communities surrounding schools to assist in building a positive and collegiate social conscience.Read More

To put in place

strategies that will allow these schools to become self sustaining and viable.Read More


a framework or blueprint where the CAS model can be delivered by communities in other areas or regions across South AfricaRead More

View Our Projects

Read more about some of our previous projects and donate to ones you feel touches your heart.

Waverly Girls High School

Facilitated the building of 3 new classrooms, provision of uniforms and nets for a school sport i.e. hockey and netball, rehabilitating the gardens and training of ground staff as well as refurbishment of…Read More

Highlands North Boys High School

Lobbied and obtained the necessary funding which allowed CAS to set-up a 41 seat computer centre equipped with CAMI Maths and English Software, provision of 8 laptop computers to assist staff in preparing…

HA Jack Primary School

Set-up of a  purpose built counseling room and ongoing facilitation of a counseling programme staffed by committee members and appropriate volunteers and partnered with The Lunch Box Fund where 60 to 70 children are…Read More
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About us

Why CAS?

CAS focuses on government funded schools – previously known as Model C schools and currently classified as Category 4 or 5 schools – with a historically successful reputation for delivering decent standards of education with admirable pass rates. In addition, these schools tended to be well funded by a student body that lived in the local area, however, the catchment area has expanded and fewer students now live in the immediate surroundings and are unable to pay school fees. On average, only circa 25% of the student body pays full school fees.

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CAS is a Section 21 company – PBO 093 034 222 – that is eligible under the BBBEE Codes of Good Practice, for companies to earn from 5 to 25 points on their BBBEE Scorecard for Socio-economic Development, depending on whether they are Generic Enterprises or Qualifying Small Enterprises.

Building a Better Future

Personal Info

In order to make an offline donation we ask that you please follow these instructions:

  1. Make your payment reference as CAS & "your name"
  2. Banking details are:
    Community Assisting Schools
    Bank:  First National Bank
    Account No.:  62259897935
    Branch Code:  253305
  3. Please mail your Proof of Payment to:

Nicky Franklin at

All contributions will be gratefully acknowledged and donations up to 10% of income are tax deductible, after your donation is made we will send you our tax deduction certificate.

Donation Total: R200.00

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